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About Us

We have lived throughout the ages with the power of stone, worked together in harmony to build and create iconic structures and beautiful works of art. From the dawn of time, shifting continents, volcanic eruptions, earthquakes and floods… Mother nature has gifted us it’s stone wonders. Myths and stories locked within their beauty. Their colours changing in the moonlight, Hypnotic whispers carried on the wind, enchanting us with their sorcery.

Tasca Stone has over twenty-five years’ experience and expertise in the world of stone. We are fully in tune with our market and understand the vision and needs of our clients. Tasca Stone have in-house designers working meticulously to create unique patterns and colour combinations to turn our client’s dreams and desires into a wonderful and spectacular reality. Our infrastructure and technical expertise reduces production lead times, transportation logistics and costs.

Tasca Stone invites you into this breathtaking world of natural stone. Discover with us the strength, beauty, luxury and elegance of marble, granite, gem stones,shell stones and semi-precious stones sourced from the four corners of the world.